Links and Koalas

This week has been incredibly hectic. My work piled up and I am still climbing my way through it this weekend. The most travelling I did was visiting a new coffee shop (which was pretty good, by the way), and taking a different route home from university. Sigh. Unfortunately it means I have also had zero time to even look at the photos I took this past weekend, let alone edit them (or any others, for that matter). So that means there isn’t a Postcard this week – but instead I thought I would share some links to things I’ve loved recently (the links themselves aren’t necessarily recent, just my appreciation for them). If you have any interesting stories or links to share, please do!


This infographic on the human brain by a neurosurgeon is full of incredible facts! Did you know the music increases brain organisation? If that’s not a reason to listen to music all the time, then I don’t know what is.


Speaking of music, Panic! at the Disco released their new album this week. I’ll admit that I haven’t listened to their music for a long time (think the release of Nine in the Afternoon as a single), but their latest single Girls/Girls/Boys caught my attention. I have since been listening to their songs on repeat for the past few days. Nicotine is probably my favourite song so far (warning for language). Fourteen-year-old me is revelling in it.


How pretty are these Athene-inspired pieces of jewellery from pompandplumage on Etsy?! I want to wear one with a white dress and prance around Grecian ruins. One day…


Someone on the website Tumblr designed some logos for famous scientists. They are incredible! I am envious of such design ability.


And more on young-people-doing-awesome-things – how cool is Tavi Gevinson, guys? I knew who she was before, and had heard things about her in passing, but it’s only been fairly recently that I’ve actually been seeing much about her. Man, I have been missing out! Her Ideas at the House talk is really good (not to mention her public speaking skills – where can I learn that!) and she has also done a Tedx Talk as well.


Finally, links to all of the Richard Feynman lectures on physics online. Physics and I have a fickle relationship (one that may involve the use of negative expletives sometimes), but I do actually enjoy learning about it (when I’m not being tested on it, I find). Also Richard Feynman is pretty good, too, so that helps. I got very excited about this.




I lied. There is a photo. But in fairness, it’s part of the work that has been consuming my life this week (I did a research project on koala behaviour… yes this is my real life; it’s tough, I know). Have some koalas looking silly to make up for my lack of other posts. Have a splendid week all! And if you have any other interesting things to share, please link them below! I love finding things on the internet.


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